Sessions are 55 minutes

With personal training at OX BOX ® GYM, you get the best of both worlds; massage when you need it and the right workout for YOUR body. You will get tailored service whether you use personal training as a ramp up to our classes or intend to stick with the one on one attention you get with personal training. If you have specific goals, or need help creating those goals, we take the time to zone in on the most effective way to reach them.

We do believe in intense physical exertion as a path to dynamic health and fitness…but some days that’s not right for your body. We are experts at switching gears and thinking on the fly. We keep an over arching plan of your goals but allow for flexibility to keep you motivated. Sometimes that may mean you need to spend more time on mobility and massage.

The net result is creating exceptional health and a functional body. You will learn control and coordination along with becoming physically more powerful.

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