Crossfit at OxBox Seattle is different than at most other gyms. We will hold your body to a higher standard of movement. We want more from you then just mindlessly driving your body into the ground, and we think you want this too. More then anything, we want you to be able to meet your goals unplagued by injuries; there really is no reason for an injury than carelessness.

Besides, it is really hard to stay motivated when injuries occur, especially multiple injuries or, even worse, a serious injury that really takes you out – many people never recover mentally or physically. Wouldn’t it be more fun to just turn you into a naturally moving human machine that just feels great all the time? This can happen and we see it all the time.

What to Expect at OxBox

Our classes integrate the Crossfit method with the latest studies in biomechanics and exercise science. The founders of OxBox are injury treatment therapists, with more than ten years experience. We leverage this experience to keep an exceptionally detailed eye on you, which helps with the assessment of your movement capabilities and injury prevention.

Our goal with each new Seattle crossfit member is to keep our well trained eye on you as you move through this process with us. We are going to watch you move, and we are going to help you move better and more efficiently every single day you come in to OxBox.

On any given day, we may modify the workout of the day so it makes better sense for your body, whether that means tailoring things by individually scaling back the workout a bit or just slowing things down. It’s different every time because every person is completely unique.

What OxBox Expects Of You

All you need is an open mind and a willingness to improve – we will do the rest.

The key is to keep improving your basic movement patterns until you really get them down – it needs to feel effortless. Having a solid foundation of basic movement patterns is key to getting better and reducing the chance of injury. This is, by far, the most important aspect of your training in the beginning, especially if you want to avoid injuries.

Let’s redefine what is possible for you. By going through this process, you will not only become stronger, but also more aware of your body in movement, which is huge! In a relatively short period of time you will find yourself in a body that you perviously never thought possible, a body that knows movement naturally, movement that’s not prone to injury. A very fit body that just feels good, and this will just be the beginning.

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