Founded in 2000 by Greg and Lauren Glassman, CrossFit, Inc. is a fitness company with exercise programs practiced across more than 6,100 gyms. Crossfit as an aerobic exercise includes a mix of Olympic weight lifting, aerobic exercise, body weight exercises and gymnastics to construct a consistently varied, high intensity workout. The goal of Crossfit is to improve participants’ level of fitness.

Crossfit is a demanding workout program. Sessions are normally limited to intense 30-minute or less workouts that require all-out exertion on behalf of participants. Some of the movements common in Crossfit training include:

  • Sprinting
  • Rowing
  • Flipping Tires
  • Carrying Heavy Weights
  • Jumping Rope
  • Box Jumps

Programs at Ox Box ® Gym include combinations of these movements and more to form “WODs,” or “Workouts of the Day.” Hour-long classes include the intense 30-minute WOD, a warm-up, a skill development session, and a group or individual stretch.

CrossFit is a program used in some of the most often stressful careers to help workers prepare for physically-demanding days on the job. In addition to the 6,100 CrossFit gyms around the world, the program is a common training tool for military organizations, fire departments, and law enforcement agencies. Notable organization that use CrossFit training include the Royal Danish Life Guards and the college sports team, “Miami Marlins.”

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