Specializing in CrossFit training, OX BOX ® GYM was created to provide a safe and supportive yet equally challenging environment for all levels of exercise enthusiasts.

We are focused on one’s individual growth. We want to help each client achieve an exceptional state of dynamic health and fitness. It starts with proper assessment of one’s body and goals and teaching proper technique for better body awareness, injury prevention and maximum results.

The core of our approach begins with helping you to build a heightened awareness of your body (proprioception). Having awareness means having better control and having control means you will be one step ahead of injuries and other possible setbacks.

Classes are built on an integrated approach that includes exertion with a foundation of mindful, functional movement. What does that mean? It means that above all else you will be working hard while learning to be aware of your form and the way your body moves through different exercises.

The reason most people injure themselves is that when they begin to get tired their form falls apart. At OX BOX ® GYM you can expect that we will keep a well trained eye on you and modify your individual workout as necessary. Whether that means individually tailoring your exercise to ensure proper form or scaling back the workout a bit, we will help ensure you get the best out of your workout.

Our expertise in multiple modalities—each fitness instructor is a licensed massage therapist—allows us to offer you exactly what you need to progress within your ability and at your own pace. We integrate the latest studies in biomechanics, release and bodywork techniques to help you achieve your goals and build a healthy, injury-free body.


For your convenience, all members are welcome to take advantage of our multiple bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, lockers, mirrors, filtered water taps, and clean towels.