We believe that it’s critical to “check in with your body” on a regular basis during and post workout – knowing when to slow down or stop, and when to incorporate self-massage or other therapies to avoid getting injured.

In this third and final post for the three steps to prevent injury while doing Cross fit, you should learn to listen to your body. The time you allocate for exercise should be dedicated inner focus time, or “you” time. So take it slowly. When you do your workouts, listen to your body. Learn the difference between muscles working hard and muscles that are strained by what you’re doing. If you slow down and pay attention, your body will most likely tell you what’s going on, and where to be more careful. If you’re not sure, get proper instruction. Over time you’ll learn your body’s cues for yourself.

Also, make sure to take frequent breaks and don’t do CrossFit seven days a week! If you are new to Cross-fit, I would suggest training 2-3 times per week. Build in a planned step-back week every 3-6 weeks, depending on your level of intensity, to allow your body to recover without causing injury.

And it’s okay to just stop working out for a bit every now and again. Recover on a cellular level, get fully re-energized and you will come back stronger than ever.

Remember, if you do get injured, you’ll be significantly limited, or even prevented from enjoying CrossFit for up to six weeks or more while you recover. But if you practice listening to your body, you may just catch it in time, and preemptively avoid injury altogether.>

Stay safe and healthy as you pursue your fitness goals with CrossFit! I’d also like to add the quick plug that if you’re looking for a place that offers CrossFit with a functional training focus and therapy-driven model, Ox Box ® is here and ready to help you get healthy and fit.